Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services Offered

Coverage Testing

  • Benefits, Rights & Features
  • IRC §410(b) with Ratio Percentage & Average Benefits

Non-Discrimination Testing

  • ADP
  • ACP
  • IRC §414(s)
  • IRC §401(a)(4)

Compliance Testing

  • Annual Additions IRC §415
  • Annual Deferrals IRC §402(g)
  • Top Heavy IRC §416(g)


  • 5500 Forms with associated Schedules & Attachments

Theresa Ruby, QKA
Member of ASPPA Working for America's Retirement
Code of Conduct [PDF: 142K]

Pension Administration is complex, it has constantly changing laws, limits, and rules to follow.

According to the IRS:

A qualified plan must satisfy the Internal Revenue Code in both form and operation.
That means that the provisions in the plan document must satisfy the requirements of the Code and that those plan provisions must be followed.

Employers should establish practices and procedures to ensure the plan is operated in accordance with the plan document so participants and beneficiaries receive their proper retirement benefits.

Be aware that the law and regulations in the retirement plans area frequently changes.
Make sure your plan document and determination letter, if applicable, are up to date.

T's Pension & Accounting Services can help you as an Employer and Plan Sponsor to establish the proper practices and procedures to ensure the Plan is operating according to the Plan Document. The Plan Documents need to be restated and have appropriate interim amendments in force. I stay on top of the rules and laws, so you can make informed decisions regarding your Plan Design and Operation.

Help for Plan Administrators to Properly Operate your Qualified Plan

I help Plan Administrators fix mistakes! Do you have a small business without a retirement plan for yourself or your employees?

I am a Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA) and I know the Rules and Regulations set out by the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. I am knowledgeable about ERISA Plans and what needs to be done regarding your Plan Document, your Plan Operation, and your Daily Operations to stay in compliance.

I can show you a variety of Qualified Plan designs to help you meet your specific business needs. I can help design and set up a Plan; then, I can help you to operate the Plan the proper way, so you don't have to worry. You can concentrate on your business. I can do the required testing; I can prepare the necessary forms.

There is a lot of talk about Fiduciary Liability and Fee Transparency and Independent Third Party Administration.

  • I am not affiliated with any investment house, advisor, or platform.
  • I do not offer tax or investment ADVICE - I do however, provide information that your CPA or Investment Advisor can use to save you money, reduce tax liabilities, and other benefits.
  • I do not receive commissions, bonuses, basis points, or any other non-disclosed compensation - I am truly independent and all my fees are completely transparent.

There are a number of components to Proper Plan Administration, T's Pension & Accounting Services can help with any or all of these components as needed.

  • Plan Design and Document Compliance
  • Payroll withdrawals & timely submission to Plan
  • Calculation of Employer Contributions
  • Notifications to Participants & Beneficiaries
  • Distributions to terminated participants
  • Enrollment meetings with employees
  • Trust Accounting
  • Preparation of 5500 Reporting Form

I will work closely with your CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Investment Advisor, Record keeper, Investment House, Payroll Company, etc. to help you with the proper administration of your Qualified Plan. If you need accounting or payroll services, T's Pension & Accounting Services can help with that as well.

If you have made an error in your Plan, I can help you to fix it. Contact me (559) 801-4835 for questions or a quote.